Spring is in the air. I have been waiting to type those words for far too long. I know it is technically winter and the chances of more snow and cold are still high but at this point I'm forcing myself to be optimistic. To say that it has been a long winter is somewhat of an understatement.  Way too long, too cold and so, so much snow. 

There is a silver lining to extreme hibernation and this is that it provides you time to think and create. There has been a ton thinking going on at TPGS and we are finally feeling the urge to create. We look forward to bringing in new stock of the companies we currently carry and also to introducing new and exciting brands we have discovered over the winter season. We also look forward to giving the shop a bit of a facelift and to introducing our own brand of merchandise (our blackberry jam has quickly become a best seller).

Speaking of creativity, here are some images from a duo that are design genius. I came across Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams a couple of years ago after researching kitchen design. Many current, late night Pinterest k-holes, have led me back to this design duo because of their amazing kitchen in the movie Practical Magic. Our current kitchen has great old bones but needs a little help design wise and I'm thinking Six Feet Under/Practical Magic might be the perfect pairing for inspiration.

For hotel, residential, restaurant and movie set creativity check out (the brilliance and detail within their design is absolutely humbling).




Online Shop

We are excited to announce that our online shop is now open! We hope that if you are unable to visit the shop, you can now find something for yourself and loved ones. Try to get your shopping done soon to beat the holiday shipping rush!


Amazing Year

As our busy summer season winds down, we can finally take a breath and reflect on the positive support we have received. From Russia to Japan (and we think everywhere in between) we have been so excited to meet all of the travellers, summer vacationers, and local shoppers who have stopped by the shop. Thank you all for such a successful year!

Many people have asked us if we will be open during the winter season - absolutely yes. We sell everyday goods with timeless design and no matter where you come from or during what season you visit us, hopefully you will enjoy our stock/shop. If you cannot make it into the shop, we will be launching our products to buy online soon. We look forward to a cozy winter season and to keeping you well stocked for the holidays.




Without question Aesop is creating the most innovative retail spaces around the world (amazing skin, hair and body products as well). This is only a selection of their ground breaking design.


Endlessly looking for brass pendants - I came across this beautiful company. "My dad taught me how to build cabinets, and in my opinion is the best at it. Everything else (welding, sewing, plaster, etc) I’ve learned on my own, by just going for it" - this is so inspiring  - even more so when you see the quality of their handcrafted furniture and lighting.

Roll & Hill

I'm always on the lookout for interesting interior lighting and New York based Roll & Hill are at the top of my go-to design inspirations.


I've always loved bags. I think this started in grade school, when at the beginning of every school year we tried to define ourselves by the style of our backpacks. I still look at a bag for myself and on others as an intensely personal object.  Just like the shoes we wear, the bag we carry sends a personal message to the world. 

Men - has your wife, girlfriend or sister ever asked you to hold their purse "just for a second" and what was your reaction? Remember the 90's "Murse" or "European Satchel" ? It's funny that a little, lonely bag can provoke such strong feelings. Thankfully we have relaxed a little when it comes to bag styles and we are now seeing all types of bags with gender neutral styles being worn.

Sandqvist is making my idea of what a bag should and was always meant to be - beautifully simple with carefully constructed details of rugged material and functional utility. 

They also look damn stylish and we are proud to offer a selection of styles in our shop.


Their Pumpkin Side Table (sitting beside the sofa) first peeked my interest and since then Autoban has been on my design radar. I'm loving everything this studio from Istanbul is creating.  From interiors and architecture to stunning products - they are easily sweeping the design world. They don't seem to have a signature look but somehow manage to create a luxury aesthetic that is undeniably their own. Hats off.

Another Country

At heart I'm a true minimalist - in real life - not really. I try my best but feel that I am constantly in a battle with clutter.  When a space cannot breath - I feel uncomfortable. I question myself "What does this space absolutely need?" "Can I edit out anything?"  

Is less really more? 

I'm at the point in my life were I know less is definitely more.  This does not mean purging everything around me and taking refuge in a cave in the Hymalayans. It means reevaluating what I really need and then surrounding myself with carefully considered objects. Less junk and more qaulity. Beautiful, inspiring objects...



Chairs ›

BKR, Hardoy or Butterfly

The BKR, Hardoy or commonly known Butterfly Chair has had many reincarnations throughout the years. Years ago, I first saw this chair in a design magazine that featured a stark, minimal beach house. The pair of chairs sat centre stage overlooking an infinity pool and were like modern sculpture in their pristine, gallery-like setting.  Fast forward a few years - ahem - and I find them reproduced at Urban Outfitters.  Against my better judgement for quality but nudged on by my bank account at the time - I purchased a set.  A Moss Park/Toronto high rise is by no means an affinity pool but once carefully positioned in my humble and minimally furnished apartment - they looked amazing.  The chairs made the room look sophisticated but relaxed, modern and purposefully minimal. Unfortunately what looked like sculpture, was not designed for daily use and the chairs with their ripped canvas and bent frames were thrown out.  

Fast forward another few years and here I am again, contemplating buying another set.  I have a room in my house that would serve as the perfect backdrop - this time though quality will take precedence.

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