March 12, 2014



Spring is in the air. I have been waiting to type those words for far too long. I know it is technically winter and the chances of more snow and cold are still high but at this point I'm forcing myself to be optimistic. To say that it has been a long winter is somewhat of an understatement.  Way too long, too cold and so, so much snow. 

There is a silver lining to extreme hibernation and this is that it provides you time to think and create. There has been a ton thinking going on at TPGS and we are finally feeling the urge to create. We look forward to bringing in new stock of the companies we currently carry and also to introducing new and exciting brands we have discovered over the winter season. We also look forward to giving the shop a bit of a facelift and to introducing our own brand of merchandise (our blackberry jam has quickly become a best seller).

Speaking of creativity, here are some images from a duo that are design genius. I came across Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams a couple of years ago after researching kitchen design. Many current, late night Pinterest k-holes, have led me back to this design duo because of their amazing kitchen in the movie Practical Magic. Our current kitchen has great old bones but needs a little help design wise and I'm thinking Six Feet Under/Practical Magic might be the perfect pairing for inspiration.

For hotel, residential, restaurant and movie set creativity check out (the brilliance and detail within their design is absolutely humbling).


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