January 11, 2013


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BKR, Hardoy or Butterfly

The BKR, Hardoy or commonly known Butterfly Chair has had many reincarnations throughout the years. Years ago, I first saw this chair in a design magazine that featured a stark, minimal beach house. The pair of chairs sat centre stage overlooking an infinity pool and were like modern sculpture in their pristine, gallery-like setting.  Fast forward a few years - ahem - and I find them reproduced at Urban Outfitters.  Against my better judgement for quality but nudged on by my bank account at the time - I purchased a set.  A Moss Park/Toronto high rise is by no means an affinity pool but once carefully positioned in my humble and minimally furnished apartment - they looked amazing.  The chairs made the room look sophisticated but relaxed, modern and purposefully minimal. Unfortunately what looked like sculpture, was not designed for daily use and the chairs with their ripped canvas and bent frames were thrown out.  

Fast forward another few years and here I am again, contemplating buying another set.  I have a room in my house that would serve as the perfect backdrop - this time though quality will take precedence. 


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