I've always loved bags. I think this started in grade school, when at the beginning of every school year we tried to define ourselves by the style of our backpacks. I still look at a bag for myself and on others as an intensely personal object.  Just like the shoes we wear, the bag we carry sends a personal message to the world. 

Men - has your wife, girlfriend or sister ever asked you to hold their purse "just for a second" and what was your reaction? Remember the 90's "Murse" or "European Satchel" ? It's funny that a little, lonely bag can provoke such strong feelings. Thankfully we have relaxed a little when it comes to bag styles and we are now seeing all types of bags with gender neutral styles being worn.

Sandqvist is making my idea of what a bag should and was always meant to be - beautifully simple with carefully constructed details of rugged material and functional utility. 

They also look damn stylish and we are proud to offer a selection of styles in our shop.

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