KAKOMI IH Donabe 1.2L

  • Designed for perfect convection, KAKOMI Donabe will make it easier to cook perfect, delicious one-pot meals. The heat-resistant ceramic pot tolerates a heat-temperature difference of 500 degrees celsius and can be used on gas, induction, or halogen cooktops. And when used on an induction cooktop, you can enjoy one-pot dishes comfortably without worrying about more heat. It has a very low water absorption rate*, preventing lingering odours and residue. Even after cooking a meal full of spices, it is easy to clean and maintain.​

    You can steam, simmer, and stew with KAKOMI. To steam, simply add water to the pot, insert the attached steam plate, and turn on the heat. It lets you enclose the rich taste and nutrients of ingredients without using oil.

    *Water absorption rate indicates the degree of water that seeps into the pot.​


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