Hario 10oz Ribbed Handmade Coffee Glass

This glass is perfect for tea, coffee or any other hot or cold drinks. The double glass design keeps heat retention and comfort to the max. It has the classic V60 server wavy shape and can be used to brew coffee directly into it with Buono Kettle and V60 dripper. The insulation qualities will ensure your drinks stay at the desired temperature for longer.
Ideally you would want to use the Hario V60 server but all size drippers fit on top of the glass allowing coffee to brew straight into the glass. The main advantages of the double walled glass is that it keeps your hand cool and coffee hot. The heatproof glass together with double glass insulation offers you stability of temperature.

10oz capacity - ideal glass for enjoyment of any type of drink, hot or cold.

Double Glass
Heat Insulation
Heat Resistance
10oz Capacity

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